How To Fix Blurry Videos On iPhone [7 Methods]

How To Fix Blurry Videos On iPhone-During the holidays or at a casual get-together with your family, you might enjoy making videos. You frequently have to deal with hazy videos, which prevent you from sharing them. Going on, don’t worry. You may fix blurry videos on the iPhone in some ways.

Let’s be clear about one thing: understanding how to fix blurry videos on iPhone doesn’t guarantee that the video will become completely clear. Because it is theoretically difficult to completely clear up a video once it has been blurred or distorted, So it’s difficult to answer the question of whether it’s possible to unblur a video on an iPhone. Sharpening, decreasing noise, and other techniques can still be used to improve a fuzzy video, so that’s what we’ll be concentrating on.

How to Unblur a Video on iPhone [7 Methods]

Learn How to Fix Blurry Videos On iPhone in this article.

Total Time: 10 minutes

Repair it with video editing software.

Repair it with video editing software.

To fix fuzzy films on your iPhone handset, you can quickly enlist the aid of a specialized video repair tool. When you move videos from iPhone to Android and they become blurry, it is possible that the video itself was damaged during the transfer process. We suggest Wondershare Repair Video Repair in this case.
Your Windows or Mac computer can easily fix corrupted videos that are fuzzy. Even if you are a newbie, you can utilize this program to its full capacity thanks to its GUI features.

Step 1: Include damaged videos
Repairing broken videos only requires a few easy steps. First, click the “Add” button to add your videos.
Step 2: Begin fixing the video
The “Repair” button on the UI is now clickable. The software will automatically begin the repair process.
Step 3: View the file and save it.
The corrected file can then be viewed before being saved to a secure location. You can evaluate the quality of the repair using this option. Save the files now to your computer.

Use messaging applications

You can quickly resolve the problem of fuzzy videos by employing third-party messaging programs. These programs allow you to prevent video blur problems. Additionally, you have the option to edit the video here before emailing it.
Step 1: Decide the video you wish to send via messaging software.
Step 2: After editing the videos to your preferences, transmit them to an Android device.

iCloud video download

iCloud is one of the most useful services offered on iOS mobile phones. It allows you to share your videos. As a result, you can get news clippings from any location by uploading them in a common format to the cloud source. There won’t be any resolution or video size compromises during the transmission.
Step 1: From your iPhone, create a static link to the video of your choice.
Step 2: Select the recipients of the videos you want to send and press the Send button.

Send videos using email

Send videos using email

It’s crucial to use the correct Email if you want the videos you shot on Android and transferred to the iPhone to be of high quality. You have the option to upload high-definition videos with the aid of email. Large-sized videos can be downloaded to your iPhone and played without any issues.
Step 1: Use your Android smartphone to directly upload a video to your email.
Step 2: Select the appropriate video resolution and immediately download it to your iPhone device.

Use Dropbox

On the fly, you may use your Android phone to upload videos to Dropbox. You may also use this tool to free up space on your mobile device. Even better, you can download a video of the same quality on your iPhone and view it offline multiple times.
Step 1: Put the video online.
Upload the video from your Android phone to Dropbox in the initial stage.
Step 2: Download the video in step two.
Now you can enjoy the high-quality video directly on your iPhone by downloading it from Dropbox.

Using the camera’s settings

Using the camera's settings

The size of the video will grow dramatically with the higher video quality. So, if your iPhone is out of storage, think about selecting a lower video quality.
Step 1: Activate the iPhone settings. Scroll down to Camera after that.
Step 2: Select the Record Video option within.
Step 3: Choose 1080p HD at 60 fps or higher after that.

Use the VN app to use an iPhone to unblur a video

Use the VN app to use an iPhone to unblur a video

Another excellent program made for editing videos is the VN Video Editor. Compared to the Photos app, the VN app focuses on more parts of video editing and provides basic tools in addition to free templates, elegant subtitles, special effects, and other things.
Another great feature of this free iPhone video editor is the animation and color correction. So how can you use the VN app on an iPhone to sharpen and deblur videos? The procedure resembles the previous one in many ways.
Step 1: On your iPhone, download and use the VN Video Editor app.
Step 2: Tap Plus (+) in the tab menu on the first screen.
Step 3: Next, select your video from the collection by tapping on New Project.
Step 4: Next, hit the Filter menu and pick Adjust from the list of choices.
Step 5: The Sharpen menu can be found by scrolling to the right. Up the tempo to 30.
Step 6: Next, choose Noise Reduction and raise it to 100.
Step 7: Tap the checkmark and give your confirmation to process and save your video.


  • Internet


  • Your IOS device

Materials: Software

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How To Fix Blurry Videos On iPhone?

how to make a video unblurry on iPhone may be on your mind. Fortunately, there are numerous solutions available for fixing this issue.
One option is using Stellar Phoenix Video Repair, which can fix videos on both iPhones and iPad.
➡Transferring the videos to your PC is the first step.
➡Tap the Add File button on the software’s interface once you’ve finished.
➡Your video files will then be loaded, and the repair procedure will begin.
➡When finished, you can show people the corrected videos.

Utilizing a third-party program like LumaFusion is another technique to fix a grainy video on an iPhone. Your video will be automatically stabilized and shakenness removed using this tool. The saved video can then be exported.
After the procedure is finished, you can select the format and quality you want to utilize. You can also try using the multi-slider control to change other video settings.

Why do my iPhone videos look fuzzy?

There are a few possible reasons why iPhone videos appear hazy. The camera on the phone could not be receiving a strong signal, for example. The video will be shaky if your iPhone is in a spot with bad reception since the phone is unable to send a strong signal to the camera. Your phone’s lens being dusty is still another possibility. Images will appear blurrier if grit or dust gets on the camera’s lens.

How to fix blurry videos sent to me on my iPhone?

Have you ever gotten a video from a friend only to discover it had blurred? Typically, it occurs when a video is transferred from an Android device to an iPhone. However, it might also occur during an iPhone to iPhone transfer. One of the possible causes is a certain video format that iOS supports. This implies that videos transferred from another OS are transformed to a format that is compatible with iOS, which degrades the sharpness of the video in the process.
Whatever the cause, there are certain treatments you can try. For instance

➡Email the video to an iPhone.
➡Get the Video from iCloud.
➡Before sending, recode the video using an app and convert it to a format that is supported.

Why Are Videos Blurry That Are Sent To Me?

The phone that supplied the video and the gadget that received it are two potential causes of fuzzy Videos.
The standards for sending videos on each phone vary, and some videos may be reduced depending on the phone’s setup. You might try modifying the blurry video with one of the various video editing apps available for Android and iOS. Both online and offline versions of these tools are accessible, and depending on your editing prowess, the video may not be fit for sharing.
You’ll need to change the videos’ resolution in both situations. By choosing the option under Camera, Android users can disable picture stabilization.
This option can lessen fuzzy videos. You could also try deleting the videos that Facebook has provided you. Use a messaging app if you don’t want to remove the messages. You may edit videos with these apps and send them to other Android phones.

Why Are Videos Sent To Me On Imessage Blurry?

You can encounter poor video quality while transferring videos to an Android device.
In these circumstances, it might be a good idea to alter the video using outside messaging services.
The app allows you to improve the video quality, albeit it is not as quick as uploading films directly from your iPhone to your Android phone.

Another element that contributes to fuzzy video on an iPhone is video resolution.
Videos sent from an iPhone to an Android smartphone are significantly compressed, even though iMessage customers have a fast Internet connection.

Although the iPhone lacks a built-in capability for video resolution, videos downloaded from an Android handset have a higher compression rate and lower quality.

How Can I Make My iPhone Video Quality Better?

➡Check the resolution of the iPhone video in question before attempting to fix it.
The better, the higher the resolution.
➡Video editing software can be used by experienced users to fix fuzzy videos.
➡As increased quality would significantly increase the video size, be sure the camera is steady.
➡Consider decreasing the quality of your films if you don’t have enough storage.
In this scenario, you can expand your iCloud storage to free up space on your phone.
➡Using the Photos app is a different choice.
The iPhone already has this app preinstalled.
➡By selecting noise reduction and sharpness, you can also change the video’s quality.
The left side of the screen is where you’ll find these options.

Can you make a blurry video clear?

Whatever the cause of the fuzzy video, you can use third-party software to fix it so that it is clear and has a fresh appearance. You can utilize standalone products that simplify deblurring, expert video editors like Adobe Premiere Pro, or software like Video Enhancer AI.


Hope Now You Know How To Fix Blurry Videos On iPhone

There are several strategies to help you if you want to acquire sincere responses on how to cure fuzzy Videos. Additionally, you can decide to take proactive steps to stop your videos from blurring in the first place.

Hope you Learned How to Unblur a Video on your iPhone by following our simple instructions and enhancing the quality of your videos. However, make sure your camera settings are proper and that your lens is always clean before continuing to make repairs. Although a blurred video cannot be completely restored, the appearance can be improved utilizing the aforementioned techniques.

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