How to Fix SD Card or Pendrive Showing Wrong Size [3 New Methods 2023]

Have you ever come across this situation when your SD Card or Pendrive shows 32GB of capacity but after adding a few MBs of data, it shows Memory Full. If yes, then let me tell you that this error is SD Card Wrong Size or Pendrive Wrong Size.

How to Fix SD Card or Pendrive Showing Wrong Size

In case you are facing the same error with your storage device, then just go through the entire guide because, in this post, I’ve shown 6 quick and easy methods to fix SD Card or Pendrive Wrong Size error.

But before going on the error fixing methods, first, let’s see the reasons behind this error. So the two most obvious reasons for this error are Fault Pendrive or SD Card and the other one is Bad sectors. 

We’ll talk about the bad sector in a while but first, let’s talk about What does Fault Pendrive or SD Card means? So you often see some pen drive or any storage device which shows 32GB or 64GB of space but after putting a few MB of data, it shows memory full. This happens with local or cheap storage devices.

Actually, these storage device has a few MB of capacity but it shows 32GB because of 32GB image file or some cheap tricks. If you format that it will start showing its original capacity. So be aware of such local and cheap products because these types of things don’t get repaired.

But sometimes Pendrive and SD Card starts showing the wrong size due to the presence of ad sectors or some malicious content. Now, in that case, we can easily repair that. So you just have followed all the methods to fix this SD Card or Pendrive Wrong Size error.

1. Scan SD Card or Pendrive using Antivirus

As I said, this error can also be caused due to presence of malicious content in your storage device. To fix the issue you have to scan and remove those viruses using antivirus. Actually, it is just a simple task, so you can use any Antivirus, free or paid, it doesn’t matter. Even Windows Defender would be enough to get rid of this error.

After scanning and removing malicious content from your storage device, it will come back to its original state and the error will be fixed.

2. Repair Bad Sector

The bad sector could also be a reason for this error. So to repair the bad sector, you can CHKDSK Command Prompt method which I showed in my previous post of SD Card Not Detected in PC. But today I’ll guide you do the same with Disk genius software.

Disk Genius is absolutely free and safe software to repair bad sectors. It does various other kinds of things as well. So download and install Disk genius software and follow the steps shown below:

  1. Launch Disk genius
  2. Click on Removable Disk, option located on the left side
  3. Then click on Disk tab on the top
  4. From there, click on Verify or Repair Bad Sector option
  5. Then a window will open. Select Sector Range from Select Disk Drop Down
  6. Now click on the Start Verify button.
  7. On clicking of Start Verify button, the software will start scanning for the bad sectors. After the scanning process gets complete, a Repair button will be enabled to repair the bad sectors.
  8. Now Click on the Repair button and that’s it, Disk genius software will repair all the bad sectors of your storage device and thus the error will be fixed.

3. Clean SD Card or Pendrive using Command Prompt

If all the above methods fail to fix the error, then, at last, you’ve to use the Clean command to fix the error. 

Note: This method will result in Data Loss, so make sure to have a backup of your SD Card or Pendrive.

To clean using command prompt:

  1. Search for CMD from Windows Search Bar
  2. Then open it with Administrator Access by right-clicking on it.
  3. Now type command diskpart and hit Enter
  4. Then type list disk and hit Enter
  5. Now select your disk by typing select disk 1(Here 1 is my Pendrive) and hit Enter
  6. Then type clean and press Enter
  7. Now type create partition primary and press Enter
  8. Now type format command format fs=Fat32 and press Enter

Note: Type FileSystem Fat32 for SD Card less than 32GB, and for more than 32GB, type Exfat.

After formatting, the error will be solved and your SD Card or Pendrive will start showing its Original Size.

So these are the top 3 Methods to Fix SD Card Showing Wrong Size error. If your issue doesn’t get fixed with the above methods, then feel to ask for help in the comment section.

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