How To Return DirecTV Equipment

How To Return DirecTV Equipment?-It’s simple to return a DirecTV receiver, but you must take the first step. Here is a quick overview of how to complete this process.

After concluding that DIRECTV is not the company for you, or it once was but is no longer, many of you want to know where to return DIRECTV equipment and how to return it.

Be careful and pay attention to the procedures because each firm has various policies on what to send back and what to keep. Each company will try to charge you if they can.

You can easily terminate and return your membership with the Company because the process is quite simple. The method for returning DIRECTV equipment is as follows:

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How To Return DirecTV Equipment?

How To Return DirecTV Equipment?

Notify the support staff

Notify the support staff

Call the customer support line first and inform them that you want to terminate the services. You will receive instructions on how to proceed and fee information. You must pay $15 to process the cancellation request. If the contract’s validity term has passed, you will also be questioned. The contract stipulates that you will be charged the subscription cost even if there are still a few months left. When your contract expires, you should cancel your services to prevent paying for a subscription that you won’t use.

Send a message

Send a message

You should access your account and submit a written request. When you arrive at the DirecTV website, you will find a request option for a rescue kit. If you can’t find it, use the website’s chat tool to send the support team a note.

Request a rescue kit

Request a rescue kit

You will receive a unique package from DirecTV that you can use to return the receiver to the provider. Verify that you have entered the correct address. AT&T provides instructions for doing it. They provide you advice on what to mail back and how to locate a UPS location nearby. The contacts for these businesses are shared, so you can even use courier services like FedEx.

Equipment should be packed

Everything should be put in its proper place and taped shut. In order for the receiver to return to AT&T undamaged, it must be wrapped in bubble wrap.

Attach the shipping label.

Attach the shipping label.

A shipping sticker that has already been paid for by AT&T is included with the rescue kit. The sticker contains the company’s address, and there are no shipping fees to pay.

 Drop off

Drop off

Now you can deliver the package to a UPS or FedEx location. You can decide on one that is simple for you to obtain. You will receive a tracking number at the drop-off location, which you should store safely for future use.

Shipment Monitoring

Shipment Monitoring

You can relax while you wait for the equipment to arrive at the business. You can check the progress using the tracking number at the UPS Store or FedEx website. The courier you choose will instruct you on how to utilize the tracking number, depending on which one you choose.

Equipment Received by AT&T

Equipment Received by AT&T

Your tracker will let you know once the DirecTV receiver has been delivered to the AT&T office. The equipment will be assessed by the business to determine its condition. You ought to contact AT&T as well to confirm the same. In two months, the payment will be processed.


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  • Your mobile / Computer

Materials: Software Hardware (Equipments)

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Find Out What To Return

Each return is unique, but here’s a general guide to what you should return and what you can keep. We’ll also send you an email or a letter via US Mail informing you of the equipment you need to return.

ServiceWhat you returnWhat you keep
DIRECTV STREAMIf you cancel service within 14 days of the delivery or ship date, you must return your DIRECTV STREAM deviceIf you cancel service after 14 days, you keep your DIRECTV STREAM device.
DIRECTV• Wireless video bridge
• Leased receivers
• Satellite dish and its accessories, such as the mount and pole also Remote control


How to Avoid Early Termination Fees?

If the equipment is destroyed, they will charge you for it. So be careful.
To really return the equipment for free, you have 21 days from the cancellation or return date.
You will be assessed a fee if you don’t complete it before the deadline.

If you return a broken box, you will be charged for the DIRECTV equipment, but if you do so within 90 days of installation, you won’t be.

Simply get in touch with customer care to challenge any charges. To be ready for your call with customer support, you can always search for and read your customer agreement.

Why Return DIRECTV Equipment? 

There are a variety of reasons why you might want to return your gadget to the company.
You could want to upgrade the service or there might be a problem with the device.
However, in accordance with the conditions of the Company, there are two primary causes for which you can be required to return your device to the Company. the following reasons are listed:
➼Subscription Termination
➼enhancing the service
Termination of the Service
The main justification for returning the DIRECTV equipment is this.
You have to return the instrument if you decide to terminate your subscription. This is in accordance with the lease agreement you signed with the business when you decided to use their connection.

The receivers are owned by the corporation, and you are required to return the instrument at the conclusion of the contract.

Since you agree to pay its receivers under the terms of the contract you sign, returning the equipment is likewise legally binding. AT&T is the owner of that tool or gadget.

If you don’t return the receivers to AT&T, they will impose a fee equal to the average cost of DIRECTV, which is more than $100.

Once you decide to end the agreement or cancel it, the contract ends. It is then your job, in accordance with the conditions of the agreement, to return the items to their owners or to lease them back.

Improvement of Service
When you choose to go with different service quality, you can occasionally need to get the instrument updated. Under the two conditions, this occurs.
1: HD to SD Conversion
For example, if you switch from SD (standard definition) to HD (high definition), you’ll have to return your SD receiver and buy the tools necessary to decode the HD satellite resolution.
2: HD to 4K Conversion
Similar to this, in accordance with the lease, you must return the HD DirecTV receiver to the lessor if you switch to 4K resolution.

What happens when you cancel DIRECTV?

If you decide to cancel your DirecTV service, do so before the end of your “month.” If you cancel before the end of your service month, they will not prorate your payment or credit you.
You have canceled. You can cancel your Service by dialing 800.288.2020. Your cancellation takes effect on the last day of the billing cycle in which you cancel, and you will not be entitled to a prorated credit or refund for any portion of the Service that you cancel.
You will still be liable for all outstanding balances accrued prior to the effective date. You will continue to receive Service until the effective date of your cancellation.

How long do I have to return DIRECTV equipment?

You have to return DIRECTV equipment within 21 days

We must keep in mind that if the account is under contract, there will be a cancellation fee, and if the equipment is returned after the 21-day period, there will be a Non-return Fee of up to $135.00 for each device.

Do I own my DIRECTV equipment?

Simply put, the majority of DIRECTV receivers in residential accounts are leased. This means that the receiver must be returned when the contract expires. Customers who have commercial DIRECTV accounts (where DIRECTV is broadcast in places where money is made) own their receivers.

How To Return DirecTV Equipment?

Simply bring your unboxed equipment and 9-digit account number to a FedEx Office Pack and Ship or The UPS Store owned by the company.

FedEx Office® Pack and Ship or The UPS Store® will return your equipment to us free of charge.

You’ll receive a receipt confirming your return, and we’ll be notified that your equipment is on its way.

How to recycle DirecTV receivers?

1) Look for recycling services in your area online. Most likely, your local or state government will provide recycling services for electronic devices, but there may also be a privately owned recycling service in your area. A quick Google search should lead you to such services.

2) Examine the website of the recycling service you intend to use. The website of the service will list the electronic devices that they accept, as well as information about collection locations and what to do when you bring your device in to be recycled.

3) Contact the DIRECTV service ahead of time. It’s possible that the website hasn’t been updated recently or that it lacks information about practices at specific collection locations that could make your recycling experience go more smoothly.


It is now your responsibility to actually return the DIRECTV equipment within the allotted time frame once we have addressed all of your inquiries about where to do so.

Avert any potential fees by making sure the equipment is not destroyed.

You can try to challenge those charges, though, if you have any past-due debts or if they charged you more than you believe you spent and you are currently unable to pay.

You now know how to return your equipment if that is something you intend to do. Avoid challenging scenarios like not returning the equipment within seven days of informing the company of the cancellation. The support staff are always available to help and will inform you upfront of any cancellation fees. Remember that the conclusion of the lease is the ideal time to terminate as you prepare to return the equipment.

Call customer service and request that they explain your invoice.

To make it simple for customers, the firm has simplified the process of returning DirecTV equipment. Additionally, they have developed dependable partners with numerous offices across the nation. Offices like FedEx and USP Store can be found anywhere, including on highways, in malls, and even in residential areas.

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