How To Restore Ubiquiti UniFi Security Gateway to factory default configuration

Restore Ubiquiti UniFi Security Gateway To Factory Default

UniFi Security Gateway (USG) is a network security gateway that guards your wired and wireless networks against attacks and spyware. Unifi Security Gateway is a hardware device that includes numerous security features such as a firewall, VPN, VLAN configuration, and QoS for Enterprise VoIP.

The best thing about USG is that it fully supports integration with UniFi Controller, which allows you to manage your gateway device and wireless device from the signal dashboard. This article will walk you through the entire process of logging into Unifi USG using the default IP address and password.

You will need the IP address of your device, as well as the username and password to gain access to your Ubiquiti UniFi Security Gateway Pro 4. Such information can be found in the manual for your Ubiquiti UniFi Security Gateway Pro 4 router. However, if you do not have your router’s manual or do not want to read the entire manual to find the default login information, you can use the quick guide below. You must be connected to the router to access the router login page.

Unifi Security gateway can log in using the SSH key that is enabled by default, and you can change the default password configured for SSH login. To manage Unifi gateways from the web interface, you must first install the most recent version of the Unifi controller software to monitor and manage all USG from a single dashboard.

Unifi Security Gateway 4P stands for four ports, while Unify Security Gateway 3P stands for three ports.

1 Consol and 4 Gigabit Ethernet are supported by the unifi® security gateway pro 4 P. See the image for more information on the details.

  • Port for the Console
  • 2- Press the Reset button to restore the USG settings.
  • WAN1 – Configure the WAN port for Internet access.
  • LAN 1- Install a LAN port for local area networking.
  • WAN2/LAN2- As a configurable port, this port can be configured as either a WAN or a LAN port.
Restore Ubiquiti UniFi Security Gateway to factory default configuration

It accepts a 12V 1A DC power supply and is easily wall mountable, with a mounting kit included with the gateway.

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How To Restore Ubiquiti UniFi Security Gateway to factory default configuration

Default Login IP address – or
USG Default Login username – ubnt  or root
Unifi Security Default password- ubnt or ubnt

Total Time: 5 minutes

Login Ubiquiti UniFi Security Gateway Pro 4

Login Ubiquiti UniFi Security Gateway Pro 4

The UBNT USG security gateway has a WAN and LAN port, so follow these steps to establish a physical connection with the UBNT gateway.
➡Power ON USG with the included DC adapter.
➡Connect the computer/PC to the LAN 1 port to gain access to the USG web interface or SSH.
➡Navigate to the PC/LAN Laptop’s settings and enter the manual IP address or the same network’s free IP address.

Access Ubnt Security gateway to browser

➡Access using a web browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer.
➡To gain direct access to the USG web interface.
➡To access settings, use the default username and password for the Unifi Security gateway, or if you created a login password during the setup wizard, use that. the default password for unifi
➡After entering your username and password, click the Sign in button.
➡After logging into the Security gateway pro control panel, you can configure VPN, WAN settings, and QoS service, among other things.
➡However, if you are having problems accessing the Unifi Security gateway web interface or SSH access, you can use the troubleshooting steps listed below.

Unifi Security Gateway Login IP address Not working

If you receive a site that can’t be reached an error when attempting to access USG’s default IP address through a web browser or if SSH access refuses to connect, it appears that the network has changed. You may be seeing the USG login page but receiving an invalid username or password or any other issue that prevents me from logging in directly.
Steps to Resolve Login Issues
➡Check that the default login IP address has not been changed with a different series.
➡To access Ubiquiti Security Gateway in default mode, the computer/PC must be connected to the same network
➡Check that no proxy settings, firewalls, or network tools are blocking access to the USG login IP address.
➡If you get the wrong username and password error, make sure the caps lock on your keyboard is turned off. If you changed your login password during the setup wizard, use that password to access USG 4Pro.

If you are still having login problems with your Ubiquity security gateway, use the button to reset the router.

Factory reset Unifi Security Gateway

Making the USG device the default will erase all configurations and require a new setup to run the network.

Only use the reset to default option if you have all configuration details or a configuration backup file to restore settings; otherwise, the network will be unavailable until the setup is completed again.
➡Switch on the Unifi Security Gateway.
➡Find the reset button between the Consol and the WAN 1 Ethernet port.
➡Hold down the reset button for 10 seconds, or until the right LED on the WAN 2 / LAN 2 port illuminates.
➡flashing and then solidly illuminated
➡After a few seconds, the led will turn off and the Security gateway will reboot automatically.
➡This process may take up to 2-3 minutes to complete, so wait until you see the default IP address ping after reboot.
➡Once USG is restored to factory mode, you can restart the unifi login setup process.


  • Internet


  • Ubiquiti UniFi Security Gateway

Materials: Software

Note: If you do not have enough information, it is strongly advised that you seek assistance from someone well-versed in this subject.

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What is the Unifi Gateway Default Password?

A router is always the best option for connecting multiple devices to the internet. Not only that but it can also be used to set up a home network of devices. Now, you may have different preferences when it comes to your network, and you’d like to personalize it as much as possible, which requires access to its interface.
As a result, the default Unifi gateway password and IP address are critical pieces of information. You may require additional information about what it is and how to use it. You’ll find everything you need to know about the Unifi gateway right here.

How does the Default Password work?

There are numerous router models available from various manufacturers. They come with default login information when you purchase them. This primarily includes the default IP address and password. This information is now shared by certain router models.

In other words, a brand may employ a standard default password for some of its models. You must use the default password to access the router interface every time unless you have changed the credentials.

What is the Default Password for Unifi Routers and how do you find it?

Are you looking for the default password for your unifi security gateway? Regardless of the model, the password “ubnt” is usually required. Aside from that, you must enter the default username, which is also “ubnt” in most cases.
Users may now frequently misplace their router’s manual because they don’t need it very often. In such cases, you can search the internet for the default password. In addition, you can look for the default IP address and username. It’s time to log in now that you’ve double-checked your credentials. You may need to double-check your router’s login credentials from time to time.
After all, people frequently forget that information. However, you do not need to be concerned about such situations because they are covered in the user manual for your device. The default login information is usually printed somewhere on the user’s guide so that it can be retrieved if you’ve forgotten them.

How do you Reset your Unifi Router?

If you can’t find the Unifi gateway default password, you may need to reset the router. To do so, press and hold the Reset button on the back. Only let go when the light stops flashing. This will begin the device’s reset process, which will take a few minutes. After that, you can use your default password. Furthermore, if you forget your password after personalizing it, this is the best solution.

How do I access the UniFi security gateway?

The UniFi Gateway’s login screen is displayed. Please enter your password. Enter your user name here. Select the Sign In option. If the UniFi Security Gateway was not passed through the UniFi Controller, the Setup window will be displayed instead of the login window.

How do I reset my UniFi security gateway password?

If you forget the UniFi Network Controller’s password, click the FORGOT PASSWORD link on the controller login screen and enter your controller’s email address.

Is an UniFi security gateway a router?

The USG is as cheap and simple as it gets. The USG has three Ethernet data ports and a third LAN or WAN port that can be configured. It’s a small fanless wall-mountable router with a 500 MHz MIPS64 processor and a dual-core system.

How do I find my UniFi security gateway password?

The default password is ubnt
If the UniFi Access Point has not previously been configured or adopted by the software, and only if you are attempting to connect via SSH, There should be two text fields where you can enter your username and password.
The Ubiquiti UniFi Security Gateway Pro 4’s default username is ubnt.
Enter your username and password, then press “Enter,” and you should see your router’s control panel.

How do I log into my UniFi Gateway?

➡Open a web browser and navigate to
➡The Login window for the UniFi Gateway will appear. Enter your e-mail address and password. Click the Sign In button.
Please keep in mind that if the UniFi Security Gateway has not been installed, The login window will be displayed if an UniFi Controller is used.
➡The Setup window will appear if this step is skipped.
➡To configure, click Edit Configuration in the Setup window. configure the WAN port to DHCP, Static IP, or PPPoE

What is the Ubiquiti AP default password?

Your Ubiquiti UniFi AP Pro’s default username is ubnt. The default password is ubnt. You can obtain the password by contacting TM customer service. You must be the owner because TM will perform some identity verification. TM will contact you within 24 hours of receiving your request to provide you with the username and password.

None of the methods worked for me, and I’m still unable to connect to my Ubiquiti UniFi AP Pro!

You only need to reset your UniFi AP Pro modem. This is easily accomplished by pressing the reset button on the back or bottom of your router. Holding down this small button for approximately 20 seconds (you may need to use a toothpick) will restore your modem to factory settings. Keep in mind that when you reset your modem, you will lose your internet connection. It is, therefore, preferable to seek the advice of an expert in this matter.


The information provided here will assist you in using your Unifi gateway’s default password. You will also find it useful for matters related to it. Hopefully, you have discovered all of the important details and will be able to avoid the problems shortly.

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