6 Stocks Could Increase by 10x in 10 Years

This is not your grandmother's method of investing.

Blue-chip stocks and dividend aristocrats are frequently significant holdings for long-term, buy-and-hold investors and can act as the cornerstones of a well-balanced portfolio.

However, there is a place for high-risk, high-reward investments; it may just not be in the retirement accounts of investors who are diligently holding blue-chip stocks and collecting dividends.

Searching for an investment that can increase tenfold, also known as a "10-bagger," may be the best course of action for riskier investors who can handle more volatility.


EHang Holdings Ltd.

In one of the most futuristic industries you can think of, flying cars, EHang is a speculative stock.


Dutch Bros Inc. 

Located in Grant Pass, Oregon, Dutch Bros runs a rapidly expanding chain of drive-thru coffee shops.


Neogen Corp.

Food safety and diagnostics is a relatively uninteresting industry, and Neogen is a solid, stable company that has taken a beating this year as a result poorly planned merger.


StoneCo Ltd.

The next company is StoneCo, a rapidly expanding provider of financial technology in Brazil. StoneCo wants to be the Block I Brazilian fintech that was formerly known as Square.


Meta Platforms Inc.

Yes, even large-cap firms like Meta Platforms, the parent company of Facebook, can achieve 10-bagger status. Approximately 67% lower as of the market close on November.


Matterport Inc. 

A 3D imaging business with its main office in Sunnyvale, California, is called Mattterport.