7 High-Dividend Stocks to Buy for Less Than $10

Each of these stocks has a yield of at least 5%.

Technically, the performance of stocks or your overall stake in companies are largely unaffected by share prices.

Your dollar investment remains the same whether you own one share worth $10,000 or 10,000 shares worth $1.

Smaller investors, however, should be aware of some practical issues when it comes to stocks with high share prices. Riskier but more lucrative are cheap dividend stocks.


America First Multifamily Investors LP

A limited partnership by the name of America First deals in a portfolio of "revenue bonds," a special type of debt issued to finance the construction of both residential and commercial properties.


BlackRock Capital Investment Corp.

Financial institution BlackRock Capital's business development company (BDC) performs the same functions as a private equity fund.


EnLink Midstream LLC 

stock of midstream energy Through a nationwide network of 11,900 miles of pipelines and almost 30 processing facilities, EnLink provides energy transportation


Falcon Minerals Corp.

As a small-cap oil and gas exploration company, Falcon Minerals is one of the list's more volatile participants.


Franklin Street Properties Corp.

Franklin Street has a real estate investment trust structure.


Oaktree Specialty Lending Corp.

With the aim of restructuring and making a sizable profit, Oaktree specializes in investments in other businesses, such as bridge financing, management buyouts, and financing to struggling organizations.


PennantPark Investment Corp.

Like the aforementioned BKCC, PNNT is a business development organization.

7 High-Dividend Stocks to Buy for Less Than $10

America First Multifamily Investors LP BlackRock Capital Investment Corp. EnLink Midstream LLC Falcon Minerals Corp. Franklin Street Properties Corp. Oaktree Specialty Lending Corp. PennantPark Investment Corp.