8 Best Cheap Stocks to Buy for Less Than $10

Analysts predict significant upside for these undervalued stocks.

Since the S&P 500 has struggled thus far in 2022, there are opportunities to buy premium stocks. Unfortunately, there aren't many high-quality stocks that trade for less than $10 per share.

Stocks priced at this level can serve as a warning sign to investors that a company may be experiencing serious problems.

Many of these stocks have unfavorable near-term outlooks or problematic underlying business models. According to CFRA, these are the top eight stocks to buy for less than $10.


Orange SA

The top telecom company in France is Orange. Orange's cost-cutting initiatives, according to analyst Adrian Ng, will support the company's margins, and the stock's attractive valuation already accounts for a challenging European regulatory environment.


Nokia Oyj

Global supplier of digital map data and telecom equipment, Nokia Oyj also grants intellectual property licenses to other parties.


Telefónica SA 

3.8% organic revenue growth, 2.8% service sales growth, and 12.2% revenue growth for handsets were all reported by Telefónica.


Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson

As a result of allegations of misconduct in Iraq from 2011 to 2019, the U.S. Justice Department and Securities and Exchange Commission are currently looking into Ericsson for compliance violations.


Telecom Italia

The largest fixed-line and wireless telecommunications provider in Italy is Telecom Italia. The business intends to create a separate company to house its network division.


Crescent Point Energy Corp

A Canadian oil and gas exploration and production company called Crescent Point Energy has holdings in North Dakota, Utah, and Western Canada.


Rocket Lab USA Inc. 

Providing launch services, spacecraft engineering and design, component manufacturing, and other spacecraft management solutions are Rocket Lab's primary business areas.


Oatly Group AB

The biggest manufacturer of oat milk worldwide is Oatly. Oatly's valuation is favorable, according to analyst Arun Sundaram, given that the stock is trading for less than $3 per share.

 8 Best Cheap Stocks to Buy for Less Than $10 Orange SA Nokia Oyj Telefónica SA Ericsson Telecom Italia Crescent Point Energy Corp. Rocket Lab USA Inc. Oatly Group AB