At GameStop, Varjo sells their Aero VR headset.

By Hemaja Burud

Varjo revealed a fresh alliance with GameStop.

Through the retailer's website, it will offer its Aero VR headgear to customers in North America.

Pre-orders for the headset may be made right now.

The Aero was introduced by the firm last year, and they called it "the greatest VR headset anyone can obtain."

It is advertised for anyone who want a high-end gadget, in particular "professionals, serious gamers, flight simulators, and racing aficionados."

It costs $1,990, yet GameStop and Varjo are presently offering it with a $50 discount. The pricing reflects this.

In a statement, Tristan Cotter, general manager of Varjo for the Americas, stated, "Professional-grade VR technology finally becoming widely accessible is a big milestone for the industry.

By making Varjo Aero more accessible to North American customers, we are moving closer to achieving our objective of providing the highest-resolution VR to as many gamers and power users as possible.

The Aero is presently available for pre-order on GameStop's website; the game's official release date is October 26.

Passthrough AR replicates your real-world environment digitally in the VR display using cameras located on the front of the headset.

The Aero is still obtainable via Varjo's web store, so this is not the only means for people to get it.