Cher and Alexander Edwards a couple?

By Hemaja Burud

Cher could have found the one.

There had been rumours before she was spotted on Wednesday holding hands with music mogul Alexander AE Edwards.

According to sources, the "I found someone" singer was seen holding hands with Amber Rose's ex-boyfriend 

The rumours got more information regarding Cher and Alexander Edwards.

When AE and Cher were in their car, the paparazzi caught a glimpse of AE gently kissing Cher's hand.

When he instructed Cher to watch out for the step on a curb, AE also displayed unusual compassion.

It included loose-fitting black leggings, a long trench coat, and black boots. The top had belts.

Her outfit was finished off by a shimmering black bag, which she carried in one hand while holding onto her new partner with the other.

Alexander Edwards matched the mood by donning a black-and-white outfit.

He was wearing a long overcoat, a leather shirt, and a pair of black slacks.

None of Cher's publicists confirmed the rumours. AE and Amber Rose had a three-year-old son together while they were dating.

Three years after AE was discovered having an extramarital affair with another woman, they separated up.