Finding The Truth Through Myth | Netflix's Blondev

By hemaja burud

studying how we see the myth as well as the myth itself.

Director Andrew Dominik is going back to his old stomping grounds with Blonde, which will be available on Netflix and stars Ana de Armas as American legend Marylin Monroe.

He has earned a living by dismantling myths since becoming a well-known criminal in his native Australia.

honouring Jesse James, arguably the most illustrious figure in the American West and the inspiration behind the idea of the American Dream.

Most significantly, Andrew Dominik's films look beyond the legends that are repeated and circulated.

Chopper draws inspiration from Mark Brandon's autobiographies. Read a story that recounts the tales.

according to the crazy man's account, who composed the tales from his own point of view.

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The Coward's Assassination of Jesse James In Killing Them Softly, Robert Ford observes a man struggling with his own myth as others do.

The only movie directed by Dominik that isn't based on actual events confronts the Hollywood trope of the American gangster.

Blonde on Netflix aims to keep up with the trend by fictionalising reality and examining both the myth itself and how we see it.