Google Japan deviates with a 5.4-foot-long keyboard

By Hemaja Burud

The long-awaited iOS 16 Lock Screen widgets from Google are already starting to appear.

By releasing plans for the Gboard Bar, a 1.65m (5.4 ft) QWERTY keyboard, Google's Japan division appears to have disregarded its unofficial "Don't be Evil" slogan.

The DIY hardware has keys organized in a straight line "so you don't have to glance around," the search engine giant claimed.

The arrangement is longer than most desks are broad, so it isn't even alphabetical, which may or may not have made it easier to find keys more quickly.

Thankfully, even if the announcement and accompanying video first seem honest, they are obviously not meant to be taken seriously.

Despite the fact that Japan is a quirky and lovely country with many peculiar interests, keyboards are one of them.

An excited engineer explains, "The width is only 0.064mm, making it practical even on workstations where paperwork are stacked up.

One user comments, "With this keyboard, it is quite handy to know right away that the 16th letter from the left is 'G'."

A way to assess height is one of the other recommended use cases, along with tightrope walking, reaching for light switches, pulling something out from under the sofa, and tightrope walking.

According to Google, you can even add a bug-fixing module—a net—at the end.

Consequently, Google Japan hasn't truly gone over the deep end (we hope), and Stadia is simply another notion from a firm with too much time and money on its hands.