Google's New Nest Wifi Pro

To make a average smart home a little more intelligent...

by : Rutik tiwari

the total speeds of Wifi Pro can reach 5.4Gbps, and each mesh point can reach 2,200 square feet.

source by :- Theverge

Although it is an advantage, Wi-Fi 6E is more about supporting more devices than it is about faster speed

In contrast to the Nest Wifi, the Nest Wifi Pro lacks a built-in Google Assistant speaker

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Starting on October 27th, the Nest Wifi Pro will be sold for $269.99 (one-pack) and $529.99 (three-packs)

In order to reduce disruptions, the system will even be able to "modify the network performance."

source from theverge

Four colours (snow, fog, linen, and lemongrass) are now available for pre-order and are scheduled to be on sale on October 27..

 "doing it on Google Wifi and Nest Wifi generations that don't support 6GHz was not going to be a nice experience.", bed added

It's important to note that Nest Wifi Pro won't work with the Google Wifi router if you're an existing Google user.

Along with the new Pixel Watch, Nest also revealed an updated version of its video doorbell and a new Google Home app.