Google's Pixel Watch received an early unboxing.

By Hemaja Burud

Recently, a complete unboxing of the Pixel Watch was released.

We've seen enough Pixel Watch renderings since Google I/O earlier this year.

Even package leaks have been observed at retail establishments. It appears that someone has now really obtained the gadget and is flaunting it.

Prior to Google's hardware showcase on October 6, another forthcoming Google gadget has been discovered, almost becoming a pattern.

The item in issue is Google's much awaited Pixel Watch, which was posted on Reddit this afternoon.

The Redditor not only described it, but also took pictures of the wristwatch.

The customer claims in the post that the watch is thinner than they had anticipated. Additionally, they claim that they were unable to turn the gadget on.

Ben White, who was left off of the England roster, could not be ready for the early kickoff when he is fully recovered.

There is enough for the instruction manual as well. But most significantly, we get two close-up images of the smartwatch.

The gadget will need a companion app for setup, according to other information we are aware of.

It will come alongside the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, include extensive Fitbit connectivity, and the Wi-Fi variant may cost $349.99.