Hate the iOS 16 New iPhone Battery Icon?

By Hemaja Burud

Even if a serious threat to Earth is likely to materialize with considerably less warning

You've certainly noticed the updated battery % symbol in the status bar if you're using iOS 16 on your iPhone and have explored many of the new capabilities.

Due to the capacity needs for different sensors like the camera and microphone, Apple deleted the function back with the launching of the iPhone X, but it's now back.

Apple's iOS 16.1 developer betas address two big concerns with the new battery icon on iOS 16 even though the software upgrades haven't yet been made available to the general public.

However, the iPhone X, which debuted the notch — a black bar that contains a speaker and camera — at the top of your handset, was released.

Additionally, it's difficult to determine the actual amount from the battery symbol alone, which is bad if your iPhone is about to die.

In the status bar, inside the current battery symbol, iOS 16 reintroduces the battery percentage indicator.

Some people find it aggravating that not all iPhone users using iOS 16 will be able to view the new battery % feature in the status bar.

On iPhones that don't support the new functionality, the only way to see your battery % is to either install a battery widget to your lock screen or home screen or swipe down.

View the battery level next to the battery symbol from the top right corner of your iPhone (instead of inside it).

However, with iOS 16.1, which was made available last week for developers, the new battery % functionality will be available for the iPhone XR, iPhone 11, and iPhone Minis.