'House of the Dragon'

Awkward family reunion ends with a beheading and a big misunderstanding

Author :- Rutik tiwari

During "Lord of the Tides," Episode 8 of House of the Dragon,

Spoilers alert of eighth episode!


the entire family gathered in Westeros,To choose who will lead House Velaryon and become the next Lord of Driftmark

Vaemond Velaryon, the Sea Snake's brother, spoke the one thing that no one is supposed to say, & caused All drama and conflicts

Vaemond, who was deeply opposed to Rhaenyra's sons inheriting the kingdom, screamed


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"And gods be damned, I will not see it ended on the account of this… Her children are bastards! And she is a whore!" 

King Viserys said,  "I will have your tongue for that" But, before Vaemond could stand up,  


 Daemon (the king's brother) perfectly sliced the top of Vaemond's head into another part


"He can keep his tongue", said Daemon (the king's brother) 


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Daemon unexpectedly and shockingly slicing Vaemond's head off was best moment for all the Fans!