I recently won a $653,000 lottery prize.

By Hemaja Burud

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A WOMAN has disclosed how she won a lotto jackpot of $653,00 that she unintentionally failed to claim for several months.

Greensboro, North Carolina resident Tina Edwards had no idea that she was travelling with a winning lottery ticket 

worth more than $500,000 on her person. She admitted to the NC Education Lottery, "I didn't realise I won.

"I didn't know I had a winning ticket for two months when I was travelling around with it."

On her way to eat supper with a coworker in September, Edwards made a pit stop

at a Best Way convenience store and purchased a couple lottery tickets.

While we were in the store, she exclaimed, "Oh! You gained something," remarked Edwards.

Edwards was shocked to learn how much she had won.

She admitted to lottery authorities, "I've been in full shock for the last two days." Edwards won the prize because

ll five of her numbers in the drawing on September 28 matched the five white balls.