Hemaja Burud

Introducing Marvel Studios' "She-Hulk" K.E.V.I.N.

Were you hoping for a man?

Jennifer Walters discovers there is a serious problem with her show, Marvel Studios' She-Hulk, towards the conclusion of Episode 8.

Ever since she became a Hulk, she's known that there's someone behind-the-curtain tinkering with her and her show, 

She's so self-aware and she knows she's in a show, and she knows that there is somebody writing this and pulling the strings for now," 

After being stripped of She-Hulk (physically, she's got an inhibitor placed on her), 

techbugfix.com Image credit -Unsplash

let go from her job, forced to move back home, and unable to reach her cousin Bruce Banner, Jen's hits her lowest point. 

Gao was assisted in seeing that perhaps She-Hulk didn't require the major villain battle conclusion by Kevin Feige, who is Kevin in real life.

When she sees this large AI device, I noted in the script that it is donning a small black baseball cap in the traditional Kevin Feige fashion.

Whatever kind of robot or machine it was, the top of it had a small black baseball cap.

At some point, it was suggested that the hat would actually be built into the robot rather than simply resting on top of the robot's head.

Feige offered a few additional ideas for the episode, including the notion that Jen should first locate the She-Hulk writer's room before visiting K.E.V.I.N.

Gao chuckles at the idea and points out that the made-up authors in the made-up room talk about Feige much like the actual Marvel Studios staff (and fans) do.