Launch of Google's iOS 16 Lock Screen widgets

By Hemaja Burud

The long-awaited iOS 16 Lock Screen widgets from Google are already starting to appear.

The search engine giant had hinted last month that it will support Apple's next mobile operating system, iOS 16, when it was released.

The most recent iPhone feature lets users add widgets to the lock screen of their devices, providing information and quick access to popular apps.

For a number of its main programs, including Search, Maps, Gmail, and others, Google announced it will soon introduce widgets.

Following rollouts that started last week with improvements to the Chrome and Drive applications, Google's collection of iOS 16 widgets are now accessible.

Google users may now install Lock Screen widgets for well-known applications like Gmail and Google News thanks to the most recent round of app upgrades.

The two most requested widget releases, Search and Maps, are still not available.

A Google Calendar widget launch has also not yet been announced by Google.

Despite the fact that quick access to your daily schedule is one of the finest uses for iOS 16 Lock Screen widgets, there is a reason for this.

Short headlines are presented on the Lock Screen as a rectangle widget by the recently added Google News widget.

If you tap it, you'll be transported straight to the Google News mobile app where you can read the entire article. The widgets for Chrome and Drive appeared a few days ago.