Marvel Snap is more user-friendly

By Hemaja Burud

Ingenious developer Second Dinner cleverly skips to the good portions.

But with the help of a protracted but deceptively veiled sequence of tutorial matches, its complexity is gradually revealed.

At face level, Marvel Snap is a very simple game, which makes it easy to jump in without any prior knowledge 

You've just got to win at least two out of three locations on the board by making the numbers go up. 

If you play cards at a location with higher attack numbers than your opponent, you win that location.

On top of this simple premise, Second Dinner has snuck in intricacy in clever ways, slowly introducing players to more complex cards and mechanics.

The way Second Dinner does this with Marvel Snap is by using hours of bot games, at least up to level 30, to introduce new mechanics.

You start with a pre-built deck that's relatively small at 12 cards, and you earn more cards by playing.

In these early games, it's easy to win even if you're only paying attention to power levels

which are the numbers that add up to earn you a win at each of the three locations on the board.

Having a space to play with simpler cards and learn how they work through trial and error

without much consequence — is essential, and it feels like you're skipping the boring steps of learning, because you're just playing games.