More Casual-Friendly Pokemon Fan Designs Nuzlocke Run

It's called the PokeCoach playthrough. Nuzlockes are difficult.

Author :- Hemaja burud

A self-imposed set of regulations basically amounts to releasing any Pokemon who faints and treating them as though they had passed away.

A second limitation, one that makes it more difficult, is that you can only catch the first Pokemon in each region, and if it faints or runs, you can't attempt again.

As a result, one player has chosen to create a more informal alternative for people who seek a fresh perspective on their favorite series characters.

TheAssumingMage stated, "I've never liked Nuzlockes, and a post on this forum has motivated me to talk about my 'PokeCoach' playthrough.

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Although I may have created it because I've never heard of anybody else doing anything similar, it's straightforward enough that it's likely already been done.

The regulations are straightforward: you must first capture and train a whole team and are not permitted to catch more fish than you can hold in one party.

All of your'mons are retired whenever you defeat a gym, so it's time to capture a brand-new generation of Pokemon that you haven't trained yet.

The PC box of fame contains all of your prior "mons." Avoid evolutions and keep repeating "mons" while you do this. For instance, if you began with a Chimchar, you cannot utilize an Infernape.

Until they hatch, any eggs you get do not count as "mons." Shinys don't count, so if you capture one, you may do anything you want with it.

If you've never been able to enter one of the most well-known community-made challenges, Nuzlockes, this could be the answer because the entire run seems a lot fairer than Nuzlockes.