Positive Test Results for "Creed III"

By Hemaja Burud

They think it is the best movie of the series, much better than Ryan Coogler's from 2015.

The third instalment of the "Creed" spin-off franchise, which is scheduled for release in the spring of next year

is one of the biggest tentpoles. Both of the earlier movies received high praise

 but this one is different in that Sylvester Stallone is no longer involved and Michael B. Jordan

Even so, a lot of the discussion around the movie has focused on the antagonist Damian "Dame" Anderson,

 who is portrayed by rising "Lovecraft Country" and "Last Black Man in San Francisco" star Jonathan Majors.

There is hope Majors can give something the two previous films have notably lacked thus far - a fantastic villain with his character

 based on his acclaimed performances and his recent Men's Health photo feature, which satisfied big sections of the Internet that morning.

According to a recent article from World of Reel, the title is now expected to succeed, therefore excitement should be high:

"I've talked to a few people who went to a recent "Creed III" test screening, and they can't stop gushing over it.