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west seatle

On September 18 and 19, 2022, a rabid bat was discovered near the pavement next to the Duwamish Head.

Contact Public Health -

instantly if  someone had any contact with a bat close to this area and immediately seek medical care.

While rabies carries a significant risk to life, it is treatable if detected quickly and cured before any symptoms appear.

Once symptoms start to appear, rabies a virus that affects the central nervous system, is nearly often dangerous..

If any dogs, cats, ferrets, and horses they've had contact with a bat, they will need to be revaccinated..

If you find a bat

dial 206-296-4774 to reach the Public Health Department. A dead bat can be put in a box for testing but use a shovel or gloves. 

who is at risk?

Any human or animal that has touched the bat or its saliva or has come into contact with it may have contracted rabies..

 “Contact includes touching a bat, biting, scratching, or other bare skin contact with a bat or its saliva.”

Treatment can prevent an infection if a person has come into contact with a bat. As soon as possible, this treatment should be done.