Around Saskatchewan, a blizzard creates icy roads

Author : Rutik Tiwari

Throughout the night, wind howled as an Alberta Clipper moved into Saskatchewan

Families in Saskatchewan awoke to find the southern half covered in snow, marking the beginning of winter

Road conditions are less than ideal due to winds of more than 90 kph, mixed with snow from Sunday, and rain from Saturday

Due to slippery and snow-covered roadways, the Saskatchewan RCMP is urging everyone to skip any unnecessary travel

“Please refrain from travelling on the highways if possible, Make sure to check weather forecast even if things look clear”  RCMP said

“If you absolutely must travel, ensure you have plenty of gas, a fully charged phone, food, water and extra warm clothing packed” - RCMP Added

As per Saskatoon police, blowing snow, freezing temperatures, and high winds have caused bad driving conditions with poor vision across the city

In driving, police suggest leaving a wide following distance and giving yourself plenty of time to stop

When driving in poor visibility, turn on your lights and maintain a safe following distance

As per Environment Canada, snow and winds will start to ease on Sunday evening, but expect severe travel conditions for some areas to last till Monday