Sega just unveiled their first blockchain game.

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Hemaja Burud

Sega has announced a cooperation in which its intellectual property would be used to create the first blockchain game. According to 4Gamer

A new game based on Sega's well-known Sangokushi Taisen series is being developed thanks to the agreement with the Japanese blockchain startup Double Jump Tokyo.

In the real-time strategy game Sangokushi Taisen, which is mostly played in Japanese arcades, players gather

Blockchain technology will be used in the new game, which will be created by Double Jump Tokyo with the help of Sega's intellectual property.

but how this will function has not yet been made apparent (though it may involve using it to record the ownership of each card).

The game's release date and platform are still to be determined, although depending on when it does,

Users may effectively own, purchase, and trade digital goods like in-game items or artwork thanks to data kept on a blockchain, a type of digital ledger.

When some well-known brands, including Nike and McDonald's, announced their own efforts last year, the topic of technology received a lot more attention.

For some time now, Sega has appeared to be experimenting with the concepts of blockchain and NFT technologies.