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She-Hulk resolves a previous Avengers dispute

Matt Murdock helps to end the Avengers' civil war in She-Hulk episode 8

She Hulk: Attorney at Law uses the idea of a "lawyer show" to better integrate Matt Murdock and his alter ego Daredevil into the MCU.

But it also utilizes the courtroom to declare what is perhaps the Avengers' second-largest struggle after their battle with Thanos officially in progress.

In the season's last episode, Murdock defended superhero costume maker Luke Jacobson (Griffin Matthews).

In Captain America, before Baron Zemo's (Daniel Brühl) grand scheme is revealed:

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The Avengers are already split over whether or not they should ratify the Sokovia Accords in Civil War.

Inspired by the attack in Lagos, Nigeria that Steve Rogers survived and the devastation of the (fictitious) nation of Sokovia in Avengers: Age of Ultron

Any person with superhuman talents, whether they were in a secret society like the Avengers or part of a government agency like S.H.I.E.L.D

For monitoring reasons, the Sokovia Accords mandated the revelation of both superhero and private information.

Even if they were already an Avenger, anyone who didn't sign the agreements was no longer permitted to use their superpowers.

It is not surprising that the Sokovia Accords were revoked in the post-Blip universe given that the Avengers' split made the Earth more susceptible to Thanos.

The governments of the world already have more urgent things to deal with, as The Falcon and the Winter Soldier has demonstrated.