Six of November's Best Costco Deals

You might want to put these on your list of things to buy.

Discounts at Costco are frequently offered on a rotating basis. This month, a variety of products, including electronics and home appliances, are on sale.

Costco currently has a number of excellent sales on products like kitchenware, clothing, and electronics.

Finding ways to save on one-time purchases—items you don't buy every week but rather occasionally—is crucial.


Lenovo IdeaPad laptop for $100 off

the Lenovo IdeaPad comes to mind. Costco is currently selling it for $100 less than it would normally cost.


Cuisinart coffee maker for $15 off

You might prefer a device with significantly more capacity. Enter the 14-cup Cuisinart coffee maker.


Shark stick vacuum for $40 off

Consider purchasing a lightweight stick vacuum if you want to avoid hurting your back while carrying a big, heavy vacuum.


Oral-B electric toothbrush kit for $30 off

Oral-B electric toothbrushes are on sale for $30 off in a two-pack at Costco.


KONG pet toy bundle for $6 off

A four-pack of KONG toys is available at Costco for $6 less than usual.


Massive holiday gift box tower for $20 off

However, this item is an online-only special, so your neighborhood warehouse club store won't carry it.