The wreckage of many boat homes that had been toppled off their pilings was all across the intracoastal canal.

South Carolina is hit by Hurricane Ian.

By Hemaja Burud


As rescuers continued to look for survivors in the wake of Hurricane Ian, dozens of Florida homeowners fled their flooded and damaged houses by boat and by air on Saturday.


With 47 verified fatalities in Florida, four in North Carolina, and three in Cuba, the storm's death toll—which is now over 40


The hurricane weakened Saturday as it moved toward the mid-Atlantic, but not before it destroyed homes' roofs, washed down bridges and piers, and crashed huge boats into nearby buildings.


Authorities said that an elderly couple died when their oxygen devices went off when they lost electricity.


 as of Saturday, more than 1,000 people have been evacuated from flooded areas along Florida's southwest coast alone.


The White House made the announcement that President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden will be visiting Florida on Wednesday later in the evening.


I-75, the main thoroughfare connecting Tampa to the north, was temporarily closed Saturday due to the Myakka River washing over a section of it.


the severely affected area of southwest Florida that is between Port Charlotte and Fort Myers. State officials said that I-75 might be completely reopened later on Saturday 


 National Weather Service in Tampa, despite the fact that the waters in Florida's southwest rivers have crested or are close to cresting, the levels won't be anticipated 


At least four piers along South Carolina's coast were demolished by strong winds and rain, including the one at Pawleys.