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The controversy over an old Anthony Bourdain video

By  Hemaja Burud

Since Anthony Bourdain's terrible passing six years ago

But for many serious thinkers around the world, many of his remarks still resonate with their steadfast tones.

The well-known food critic was able to speak about the terrible facts of human existence, seemingly without breaking a beat. His honesty was obvious and unabashedly apparent.

Those who value an honest food reviewer might find it difficult to forget "No Reservations" Season 2 Episode 14.

By revealing the horrors of the 2006 Lebanon War, Bourdain used the chance to pay tribute to the people of Beruit rather than recording another culturally distinctive culinary item elsewhere.

In addition to highlighting the overlooked, Bourdain attracted attention for criticising several public leaders in the food industry.

Bourdain's previous statements have reverberated widely, whether he was accusing Paula Dean of excessive greed for her engagement with a diabetes programme

Another instance of Bourdain using strong language has recently come to light on Twitter, and it's more relevant now than anyone could have predicted in 2022.

In Season 10 Episode 1 of "Parts Unknown," Anthony Bourdain responds to one of his Singaporean dining companions who mentions having maids in a Twitter clip tweeted by @theMcKenziest.

She calls them "the opium of the masses" and claims that they take care of the kids, the laundry, and other domestic chores.

In response, Bourdain refers to the arrangement as "bourgeois" and claims that individuals who employ maids are "living off the work of an oppressed underclass."

Some users thought Bourdain was rather hypocritical, despite the fact that many people appreciated him and his efforts to raise awareness about the mistreatment of domestic workers.