The favorite treat of the Tucci family

A Tucci family feast would be incomplete without one particular Italian delicacy.

Author :- Hemaja burud

Stanley Tucci says zeppole, a type of deep-fried doughnut, "addictively delectable."

In Calabria, the southwest "toe" of the Italian peninsula, where he was filming "Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy," he caught up with his Italian family.

To get ready for the gathering, they spent days in the kitchen whipping up some of the family's favorite foods.

These delicious morsels, which can be served as a sweet dessert with coffee or as a savory appetizer similar to beignets but thicker, have always been a popular with families.

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In his book, "Taste," Tucci said that once his mother started frying them, the entire family would automatically begin to scurry closer to the stove until 

He remembered in his book, "As soon as they have cooled enough to handle, they are then consumed by everyone who can get one the quickest."

The Tucci family likes a salty form of zeppole that includes anchovies in the dough as opposed to the fluffy,

golden zeppole that Italians often serve with a liberal sprinkling of powdered sugar.

These Italian pastries may be made in a variety of ways: you can load them with salami and sprinkle salt on top, 

or you can fill them with cream—such as hazelnut, chocolate, or lemon—and top them with honey and chopped pistachios for a sweet version.