Hemaja Burud

The GP Explorer, a million-dollar race 

The two competitors will contend for the overall win, which went to Sylvain de Vilbrequin, for the whole race.

22 video producers get together for a most unexpected vehicle race on the Le Mans track,

 which is famous for hosting the Grand Prix de France MotoGP. Squeezie, the man with 17.4 million Youtube followers, is leading the group.

The aspiring drivers experienced a full day of competition on the F4s,

which are similar to those used in the French Formula 4 Championship, from free practice to the race, including the qualifying session.

a big budget for this occasion During the ZEvent 2020, Squeezie gave birth to the GP Explorer in his mind.

This race has a significant budget, which is made possible by the involvement of several partners.

The GP Explorer project has an estimated setup cost of between 2.5 and 3 million euros.

A personality participating in the GP Explorer goes through five training sessions.

You need to be aware that the total cost of these five sessions plus race day is 80,000 euros, Squeezie told Interlude.

The broadcast of the event took place only on its creator's Twitch account.

The first free practice of the day took place at 9.15am to kick off the tournament. 44,000 fans occupied the Bugatti circuit's stands all day long.