This is the time Overwatch 1 ended

By Hemaja Burud

Current server downtime.

The first Overwatch has been discontinued by Blizzard six years after its release in order to make way for Overwatch 2, which will go free-to-play tomorrow.

As Overwatch came to an end earlier today, fans flocked to see the historic event and capture it on camera.

Despite its legendary status in the gaming world, it ended abruptly, blinking out with the word "disconnected".

Even the finest trips end, but a new one is just around the corner, read several official lobby chat server messages that attempted to give the event some significance.

I'm grateful, heroes! On October 4th, see you. Before Overwatch 1 vanished, a final message simply said, "See you on the other side."

Blizzard has updated the in-game statement saying servers are unavailable while it prepares for the release of Overwatch 2 after pulling Overwatch 1 down.

with the follow-up anticipated to begin streaming starting at 7 p.m. UK Time tomorrow (11 a.m. PT).

Naturally, Blizzard is also use the downtime to promote their new Watchpoint Pack, which includes content similar to Overwatch 2's

While Overwatch 1 has been removed by Blizzard without any fanfare or nostalgia, players of the wildly popular multiplayer shooter have been reflecting on the last six years.

uploading fan art and memorials to the friends/bitter opponents they've met along the road, and sharing their memories of the game before its demise throughout the day.