Top 9 Dividend Stocks to Always Hold

Now that the market has reached new lows for 2022, it's time to look past any immediate problems.

Investors can find some assurance in long-term dividend stocks. You're not alone if you've recently peeked into your investment accounts and shuddered at the results.

It's important to remember that "paper" declines are different from actual losses that are recorded when a sale is made.

In fact, if you're patient, it's possible that many of the same stocks that are currently heavily in the red will recover and possibly even turn a profit in the long run.


3M Co.

More than 6,000 patented products under the 3M brand span a wide range of industries.


AT&T Inc. 

The telecom giant AT&T has returned to its core business of digital communications following the spinoff of Warner Bros Discovery Inc. (WBD) earlier this year.


Coca-Cola Co.

It's difficult to imagine a company more dominant and recognizable than Coke when it comes to brands with enduring appeal.


Home Depot Inc.

Home Depot is a stock with staying power, despite the fact that there is undoubtedly a chance of ups and downs depending on the short-term direction of the housing market.


Intel Corp.

For Intel, supply chains are still a mess, and its branded chips aren't quite as dominant as they were during the peak of the PC industry.


Johnson & Johnson

It is one of the top ten most valuable stocks on Wall Street, and when megacap tech stocks are excluded, it ranks as one of the top three non-IT companies on U.S. exchanges.


JPMorgan Chase & Co

Above even other enormous U.S. banks like Citigroup Inc. (C), Wells Fargo & Co. (WFC), and Bank of America Corp., megabank JPMorgan dominates the financial sector.


Kraft Heinz Co.

When times are tough, Kraft Heinz's strong consumer brands ensure that revenue will largely remain stable as families continue to stock up on products like Philadelphia cream cheese, Maxwell House coffee, and its renowned Heinz ketchup.


Ventas Inc.

Although Ventas is a $20 billion real estate company, it is still worth taking into account for any long-term portfolio even though it is less well-known than the earlier stocks on this list.

Top 9 Dividend Stocks to Always Hold

3M Co. AT&T Inc. Coca-Cola Co. Home Depot Inc. Intel Corp. Johnson & Johnson JPMorgan Chase & Co. Kraft Heinz Co. Ventas Inc.