Using virtual reality, remove a child's phobia

By Hemaja Burud

By providing patients with a pre-op tour in virtual reality, two businesses are collaborating to ease the process for kids and early teens.

Saritasa Technology Solutions has been collaborating with Before Inc., which focuses on preparing patients and their families for medical treatments.

to create a VR program that allows users to become familiar with the tools and equipment they will be using

The two firms want to reduce patients' anxiety, stress reactions, and higher heart rates before surgery by acclimating them to the operating room environment early.

When my daughter had anxiety before a minor procedure, I learned how crucial it is to pay attention to our children.

in a statement, Before co-founder Warren Scott Comulada remarked, "and provide them skills to cope.

They gain "hands-on" experience using medical equipment such as oxygen masks, blood pressure monitors, and other devices.

Comulada, a UCLA professor in residence, continued, "It's far more realistic and successful than utilizing picture books or films."

Children's hospitals and clinics are welcome to test the firms' VR platform prototype, which is also Before's first product.

Digital imaging is a good illustration of larger initiatives to make hospital visits simpler for younger people.

Because the ability to lie motionless is necessary for a clean MRI or CT scan, pediatric scans are frequently carried out under sedation or general anesthesia, which significantly lengthens the operation and raises the expense.