Van Gisbergen response McLaughlin's burnout plea

By Hemaja Burud

Van Gisbergen initially matched van Gisbergen's 56 career victories, but has now surpassed that number with 75.

Van Gisbergen made light of the incident by joking that he had contributed to McLaughlin's victory in a wager.

He does, however, anticipate sharing the proceeds with his former sparring partner.

"Van Gisbergen remarked, "I just can't get these vehicles moving in fifth gear. "Their top gear appears to be fourth.

"Just make sure your skids are good. I did one today since I was unable to do one yesterday.

He made a small profit betting against me today, so hopefully that will help me out later.

Van Gisbergen will attempt to increase his win total at the VALO Adelaide 500 in December.

McLaughlin was visible to Supercars cameras since he was standing in the corporate area at the chicane.

Van Gisbergen responded when he later posted the footage to his social media platforms.

Van Gisbergen's burnout occurred in the same spot where James Golding started the significant lap 4 pileup.

McLaughlin stated that he was surprised by Golding's car's "slap" on the bundle of tyres.

When Van Gisbergen won on Saturday, he joined McLaughlin as the holders of three Supercars championships.