Watch These 7 Psychedelic Stocks

The cannabis stock boom may be repeated by psychedelic stock prices.

Here are the top seven psychedelic drug stocks for investors to keep an eye on.


As the first U.S. state to legalize psilocybin, the primary component of so-called magic mushrooms, in November 2020, Oregon made history.

Similar to cannabis, psychedelics are becoming more popular, and as this trend picks up steam, investors are assessing what could be a significant long-term growth opportunity.


ATAI Life Sciences NV

Ibogaine, ketamine, and other psychedelic drugs are the basis for several medications that ATAI Life Sciences is developing.


GH Research PLC

GH Research is developing and evaluating novel 5-MeO-DMT therapies, also known as O-methyl-bufotenin, for the treatment of postpartum depression, bipolar II disorder, and treatment-resistant depression, or TRD.


Compass Pathways PLC 

For the treatment of TRD, anorexia nervosa, and post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, Compass Pathways is evaluating a synthetic psilocybin therapy.


Incannex Healthcare Ltd.

An Australian pharmaceutical company called Incannex Healthcare creates psychedelic and cannabinoid substances.


Mind Medicine Inc.

Clinical trials are being conducted by Mind Medicine, a biotechnology company, on a number of drug candidates, including the 19-MC derivative of ibogaine, DMT, mescaline, and LSD.


Seelos Therapeutics Inc.

A biopharmaceutical company called Seelos Therapeutics has four pipeline projects that are in the clinical stages.


Cybin Inc.

A Canadian pharmaceutical company called Cybin is creating psychedelic drugs to treat addiction and mental illnesses like depression and anxiety.

7 psychedelic stocks to keep an eye on: ATAI Life Sciences NV GH Research PLC Compass Pathways PLC Incannex Healthcare Ltd. Mind Medicine Inc. Seelos Therapeutics Inc. Cybin Inc.