When We Were Young Festival Just Got Canceled

By Hemaja Burud

Tonight's Black Parade may take place on the Las Vegas Strip.

The nostalgic emo bands My Chemical Romance and Paramore were part of the When We Were Young festival

which announced on Saturday morning that it would be postponed for the day owing to severe wind warnings.

On its website, the National Weather Service warned that Las Vegas, where the festival is being held, might experience strong winds of up to 65 mph.

High wind's effects include destructive winds that knock down trees and power lines, massive power outages, and challenging travel conditions.

Some followers said on TikTok they had not experienced the strong winds they had been warned about.

"Others, particularly those from Las Vegas, did notice how strong the winds were." IMG SOURCE UNSPLASH

My backyard's furniture has essentially all been blown away "a woman posted on TikTok.

Variety reports that some attendees learned of the postponement as late as 10:30 a.m., which is a half-hour after the doors were scheduled to open.

The final two dates, this coming Sunday, October 22, and the following Saturday, October 29, will proceed as scheduled.

The festival's announcement offered refunds to today's attendees, but it made no mention of the possibility of attending a concert on a different day.